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this is a website for WDM group in Manchester

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Campaigning to cancel the debts of the worlds poorest countries

This web site is no longer being maintained - use Jubilee Debt Campaign instead -click for link

The burden of debt and of conditions imposed for debt relief continue in spite of progress made in response to campaigning.

This web site does have relevant data and information updated to 2004/5.

For current campaign information and resources, see the Jubilee Debt Campaign's own web site.

To support JDC, join a Local JDC group or one of the supporting groups such as the World Development Movement -see WDM

The injustice!

The poorest 52 Countries 


Give the rich countries $64 Million every day


Spend more on debt than on health & education


Over 19,000 children die every day of diseases 


Over 1,000,000,000 people live on < $1/day

For latest campaign actions see -Take action -for latest web group update
Ethiopia  & Niger win top-up debt relief of $1.2bn after successful campaigning (April 2004)

After Jubilee campaigners lobbied Gordon Brown to overcome American and German opposition to fair debt relief, the World Bank and IMF have accepted that Ethiopia and Niger have reached Completion Point and secured the top-up relief to keep their debt burden below the target figure of 150% of export earnings.


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We need supporters 


To see more detail click - MDG Goals

Comic Relief

Raised about 25M in one of the biggest charity fund raising events of the year.

Comic relief demonstrates public support


Yet this is only 70% of what the poorest countries pay the richest countries every day of the year

Failure to cancel the debt illustrates that Governments are not yet in tune with the public

In fact the UK and some other G8 countries have cancelled their debts, the next target is to follow this through at the world bank and IMF 

This graph shows blue, the debt the campaign wants cancelled.  The orange is what was promised back in 1999 and the red shows progress so far!

For the data, history and jargon on debt -Debt Crisis

Jubilee campaign -Achievements 
bullet24,000,000 people signed the Jubilee petition

That won $100,000,000,000 of promised debt cancellation.


That's $4,000 per signature!

bullet50,000 people went on the Cologne march.  
bulletThat G8 meeting added $50Billion of debt cancellation.
bulletThat's $1,000,000 per person! 


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Quick links to downloads

Debt Slides - Debt Presentation

Why 100% HIPC debt relief -A response to the World bank paper rejecting the demand.

Campaign slideshow Jubilee Dream